Listen to this teaching on the Anointing!



21st Century Spirit-Spiritual WarFighter Training

Get More Power Over the 

Devil ​​

You Get More Power Over

The Devil By Way Of Your

Own Personal  

Anointing from God

Module One
What is a Spirit-Spiritual WarFighter?
What does a Spirit-Spiritual WarFighter do?
Spirit-Spiritual WarFighter Confession of Faith and Mission.
Bible understanding of Spirits, Spiritual realm and the real strong-man.

Module Two 
Word of God and you.
Who God is as it relates to you.
Who Jesus is, the cross, the blood and you.
Who Holy Spirit is and what and why within you.
Who you really are In Christ Jesus!
Module Three 
Your Faith in God increased.
Knowing hearing, responding, flowing with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.
Your Calling, Your message, Conveying your message.
Children's Deliverance, Healing, Evangelism
Becoming Missional.
Module Four
Soul Restoration
Spiritual Listening Skills
Understanding Holy Spirit Speed and Illumination Reading
Intercessory Prophetic Praying
Deliverance Healing can be the key
Corporate Anointing, Individual Anointing and the difference.
Module Five
Integrated Healing Prayer Model, Healing,
Exorcism, Deliverance, Inner-healing Integrated and ministered.
Uncovering Exposing, Destroying Hidden things of darkness
Ted Line Ministry
Funding your ministry
Mass Deliverance Healing
Your Assignment
Module Six
Prophetic Ministry
Revelatory Ministry
Gift of Discerning of Spirits 
Activation Senses Spiritually 
Module Seven
Dismantling Spirits
Over Powering Witchcraft
Over Powering Satanism
Over Powering Evil Human Spirits
Inner- Healing Alters, Psychological, Mental Spirits, DID, ADHD